The Garden of Hope appreciates your support! We're open to many forms of collaboration. 

4 great ways to get involved:

1. Follow us on share social media and share our cause with your friends, family & network!



2. For an easy way to donate check out our Gofundme campaign by clicking here ->

3. In kind donation! We will be building an outdoor classroom in May and June through the University or Austin and Projects for Underserved Communities

We are SO excited and will be in need of all kinds of kitchen supplies! Email us for details on how to donate:

4. You don't have to have gardening experience or live in Guatemala to volunteer in the Garden of Hope! 

We love growing our community.

Skills that we are currently seeking: social media, marketing, permaculture, curriculum development, painting/sign making, pallet building and team building workshops. 

Got time and skills? Let us know! 

For more ways to get involved contact: